Saturday, February 8, 2014

Penguin Research Projects

First off, I have to say how extremely proud I am of everyone for doing such an awesome job on these research projects.  This was not a simple activity.  This project took a while (longer than expected, too, because of our "cold days") and had multiple steps that built upon one another.  I knew these kids could do it, though, and they did amazing. 
 The class was split up into 5 groups of three and 1 group of 2.  Each group was then assigned a species of penguin and given an information sheet about their bird. 

On the first day the groups read through their information sheets and highlighted important facts.  After they finished reading each section and highlighting, they recorded their key details on a graphic organizer.
 After their graphic organizers were completed, the groups could begin on their posters.  Each poster had to contain: a title (what species of penguin they researched), the names of everyone in their group, and  all of the information that had been recorded on their graphic organizer (appearance, enemies, food, and a cool fact).  Mrs. Gordon, our ELL teacher, had also printed off information sheets for each of the groups once she found out about the project.  Some of the groups used that information, too.  A couple of students even brought in information they printed at home to share with their group.

For pictures, the groups had the option of using printed photos from the internet, or illustrating their own images.  Each group was given a picture on their information sheet and on the sheet from Mrs. Gordon.  Some students brought great pictures they printed at home.  A couple of groups drew some wonderful pictures, too.  

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