Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chapter 7 is a Wrap

We finished Chapter 7 of our math series this week.  We have learned so many new math things this year it's amazing! 
Chapter 7 was all about Geometry

We reviewed our basic 2-D shapes like a square, rectangle, circle, hexagon, rhombus, and trapezoid. 

We learned about attributes and how to describe our 2-D shapes by their different attributes (name of shape, number of sides, number of corners, size of shape, its color (if it has one).  We even learned a new game, called "Attribute Train," where you have to see how long of a train you can make with our attribute blocks by matching up shapes based only on one attribute (pictured above). 

Then we learned about polygons and how to tell whether a shape is or is not a polygon (there are rules if you want to be a polygon, you know). 

We also learned about new 3-D shapes like a sphere, cube, pyramid, cylinder, rectangular prism, and cone. 

Finally, we learned about symmetry.  We made our own symmetrical shapes with patterns blocks and traced them during one of our math centers (pictured above), we identified whether or not different images contained lines of symmetry, and we also made perfectly symmetrical paper hearts by folding our paper in half first then cutting out half of our heart. 
All along the way we continued to practice our math facts, both addition and subtraction (and we're now working on facts up to 20).  One of the favorite ways to practice facts is by playing with our "Power Towers" (pictured above).  Facts are written on the bottoms of cups, and if a student answers the fact correctly they keep the cup; if not it goes on the bottom of the stack.  The player who builds the highest tower (or who has the most cups) when all of the cups run out, wins. 

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