Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spider Comprehensive Projects

I am so proud of how much the kids learned about spiders during "Spider Week."  We finished our investigation of spiders with a comprehensive activity that incorporated multiple aspects of our newly learned knowledge.  First, we made a spider craft with our 6th grade buddies which we later labeled the parts of.  The firsties can now properly identify the abdomen, cephalothorax, legs, eyes, spinnerettes, and fangs on a spider.  We made a colorful web for our spider using an AB coloring pattern.  Finally we wrote numerous facts we learned and opinions we have about spiders. 

We have gotten many comments about our awesome projects from others in the school.  One other teacher even came in our room one day during a lesson to tell us all what a super job we did and how proud she was of us.  She said she was really impressed by all of the facts that everyone had written.  The kids were beaming.  :D

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