Sunday, August 31, 2014

Classroom Reveal 2014-2015

The first week of school is finally over!  It's definitely been a busy one.  I'm spending my 3-day weekend at my parents' house visiting my two-week old nephew, Liam, and I finally have a little bit of down time to update the blog.  So, first things first, time to reveal my new classroom:

I went with a black and neon accent color theme this year.  I really like it, and my fourth graders do, too.  I also ditched my teacher's desk (mainly because I just didn't have any room for it with my 28 students).  So far it's working out great.  I added crates and caddies at the ends of my table groups to store our Science and S.S. books, kleenex, hand sanitizer, highlighters, post-it notes, and other odds-n-ends.  That's working out great, too, because the desks are already SuPeR crowded.

There's still some work to be done, especially in the library and on my bulletin boards.  We'll get there, slowly but surely.  I hope you like what I've got so far, though.

Classroom Reveal Linky Party!!!  Click the picture join the par-tay!  

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